The Pole

From Moriston Matters Issue 9, October 1978

A Few Lines From The Pole.

A few lines from "The Pole", not the South Pole or the North Pole but that sunny and beautiful spot facing Loch Ness, one mile from Invermoriston on the Inverness road. Personally I would have named it "Fern Bank" as there is such an abundance of beautiful ferns growing all over the spot, and has been since years and years. However, it is called "The Pole". I understand it was so named because it was the place at the end of the drive leading to Invermoriston House and Home Farm where there was a pole. At that time there was a horse-drawn vehicle travelling in stages between Inverness and Glenmoriston which carried parcels and goods of different kinds to various places. So, all goods destined for Invermoriston House, the Home Farm and places in the vicinity were ordered to be left at "The Pole", where they would be collected later.

During the First "World War, 1914-18, there was a barrier, manned by soldiers, erected across the road at the same place. This was a pole, which had to be raised and lowered to allow vehicles and pedestrians past, but not without a suitable pass. This, of course, emphasised the name, "Pole".

Everything has changed immensely since those days, especially the road between the Pole and the village. At that time one could amble, walk or cycle along with his mind at ease, concentrating on, and enjoying, all the beauties of nature which surround these parts. But alas nowadays the road, or might I say the speedtrack - you have to be very brave and fit to walk or cycle on it. All your mind has to be concentrated on saving your life. Even a few years back there was a grass verge of about 3 or 4 feet wide where you could manoeuvre your feet, but now, with the encroachment of huge heavy vehicles, and the smaller ones too, the verge is reduced in several places to nil, which means, when you hear a great noise coming round the bend, you have to escape somewhere for your life. This is no joke but a reality. However, we must carry on through all the changing circumstances, counting our blessings, and directing our steps towards another Pole or Goal, with expectation, where all our needs can be supplied in God's salvation.D.J.Smart.