Hall Opening 1928

From Moriston Matters, Issue 12, April 1979.

The following extracts from "The Inverness Courier" of October, 1928, will be of interest. The first is an advertisement from the issue of October 2nd, 1928:

"Opening of Glenmoriston Hall by Sir Alexander Grant, Bart. on Friday, 5th October 1928.
Grand Subscription Dance at 8.30 o'clock
Music by Mrs Logan's Orchestra
Provided a sufficient number of tickets are purchased a Charabanc will leave the Station Square, Inverness, in connection with above."
* * * * * * * * * * *

Now extracts from the issue of October, 9th of the same year.

"Friday (5th October) was a memorable day in Glenmoriston, when a large commodious public hall, erected on a convenient site, was opened with fitting ceremony in presence of a large gathering.....The opening ceremony was to have been performed by Sir Alexander Grant, Edinburgh, whose forebears came from the district, but owing to his catching a chill, Sir Alexander to his great regret, was unable to be present at the opening ceremony, which took place at 8.30 p.m. His place was taken by the Laird of Glenmoriston (who said that) he arrived in the Glen that afternoon against his doctor's orders but he felt so ill that he {Glenmoriston) advised him not to stay, but to return to Forres....... Sir Alexander had spoken with enthusiasm of the Glenmoriston whence his forebears had come and he wished every prosperity to the Glen.......

Mr Alexander MacDonald, Woodpark, the oldest tenant on the Estate..... thanked the Laird for his part in bringing about the erection of the Hall and declaring it open. Mr.A.D.Grant, Factor, (Secretary of the Hall Committee) said he believed that behind the minds of all who had subscribed was the idea that they really wanted to leave the Glen better than they had found it.

The ceremony was followed by an enjoyable dance....... to the tuneful music of Mrs David Logan's Orchestra......Pipe-??? of the Cameron Highlanders, also played stirring music......

There were almost 200 couples present and they all enjoyed themselves. The duties of master of ceremonies were courteously carried out by Mr Donald MacDonald (Pier).