The Forestry Commission

From Moriston Matters, Issue 28, April 182.

(Sung to "The British Grenadiers")

Some people talk of Mitchells,
Of all the deeds they've done,
And others sing of Logans
And glory they have won.
Out Britain's greatest workers
For solid, sound tradition,
And skill so rare that none can compare,
Are the Forestry Commission.

MACKENZIE of Torgoyle,
Trees burst forth in full splendour,
Give but one grain of soil.
When you're so tired that you're half dead
And fall down on the floor,
They've skill so rare that none can compare,
To make you plant some more.

The marksmen of the Nation
At Bisley had their fling;
They met in full formation
To shoot before the King.
MACMILLAN was the last man out,
To take up his position,
So sharp he shot that he beat the lot
For the Forestry Commission.

When'er there's any mention
Of new progressive skill,
And wonderful invention
For wood, or bog or hill.
To make the trees fall down like rain
Without the least collision
They clap their hands for SANDILANDS.
Of the Forestry Commission.

In deserts of Arabia
Is many a famous steed,
But what's the use of Asia
When comes your hour of need!
There's none for me that can surpass,
For man and horse, one blend,
The skill on the hill of MR VASS.
And the strength of JOHN LOCHEND.

I must not keep you over long,
Time flies away so fleet,
I'd tell of Donald, Angus strong,
And Willie of the Street,
But now you know beyond all doubt
They toil without remission,
And with skill so rare that none can compare,
Is the Forestry Commission.

Peter Fraser


Mitchells', Logans' - main 'hydro' scheme contractors, the former at Bunloyne, the latter Dundreggan.

Fraser is Tommy. He, Officer and MacKenzie were Foresters in charge of Craig-nan-eun, Port Clair and Torgoyle respectively.

MacMillan - Alec ('wayward plus fours').

Sandilands - John - a 'character' whom Arkle can expand on.

John Vass - until recently at DalĀ­cattaig.

John Lochend (MacDonald) used to stay in the Forestry huts at Port Clair.

Willie of the Street - Willie Fraser.

Angus - Angus Campbell.

Donald - Donnie Maisie.

This Song was written as a companion piece for something similar in honour of the workers on our Hydro-Electric Schemes and both were sung at the concerts given by the children of Glenmoriston and their friends. There was no knowledge of the previous effort by David Hendry.